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At 360 Sports Performance, we believe that hitting is NOT a one size fits all activity. Although there are many similar movements in a high-level swing, we understand that every hitter has their unique way to go about those movements. With a constraint-led approach along with the use of technology, we have designed a program that allows each hitter to find and repeat their best swings, without the traditional cookie-cutter approach. Below is an example of what you can expect from our program:​

  • Each athlete will go through a full assessment at the beginning of the program. The assessment tests both physical and athletic skills and serves as a benchmark for the athletes’ program. 

  • We use the latest technology to measure bat speed and exit velocity which helps us identify the best way to monitor and train each hitter.

  • We use biomechanics and video analysis to help bridge the gap between drills and live at-bats, making sure that every athletes' swing is repeatable, adjustable, and game ready. 

  • We use the Hack Attack Pro, a 3-wheel pitching machine that throws over 100 mph and replicates all pitches at all levels, giving our hitters game-like reps, every swing.

  • Take your swings to the lab! 

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