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About Us

360 Sports Performance is an NYC based non-profit organization focused on youth development through sports and academics. 

What are the goals of 360 Sports Performance?

  • Provide an environment that promotes academic excellence with a sports mindset

  • Prepare students for high school and college admissions through test prep, workshops and academic enrichment courses designed to prepare the student-athlete for entry into some of the top public, private, boarding, prep schools, colleges and universities in the region and country

  • Improve student-athletes' skills through the most current practices while using the latest technology

360 Sports Performance transforms the lives of student-athletes in the NYC area by providing a combination of academic support and sports training that uniquely engages and develops these students, creating a path to success in high school, college and beyond. Our mission is to provide the academic and athletic support, focus and guidance needed to help build future leaders who will break the cycle of poverty and homelessness in their communities.

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