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360 Pitching & Throwing Lab

The 360 Pitching and Throwing Lab is designed to promote proper and safe throwing mechanics for both pitchers and position players. With the use of technology and a constraint led approach, the Throwing Lab is designed to build strong and durable arms.

  • Each athlete will go through a full assessment at the beginning of the program. The assessment tests both physical and athletic skills and serves as a benchmark for the athletes’ program.

  • Program designed to improve throwing mechanics, build arm strength, improve velocity, improve command, improve mobility.

  • Constraint led approach gives athletes a better feel for correct movements. NO COOKIE CUTTING!!

  • We use biomechanics and video analysis to help bridge the gap between drills and live pitching/throwing, making sure that every athletes movement is repeatable, adjustable and game ready. 

  • Take your throws to the lab!! 

Copy of Hitting Lab 10-13 yr. olds Nov..
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